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  • Daily LIVE Video Conferences. 

    Where Frank Kern and our team help you with funnel reviews, offer reviews, implementation, copy, ads, and everything in between.
  •  24/7 Access To The Latest Trainings! 
    As you know, selling things online is an ever-changing environment. 

    You get 24/7 access to the newest updates ...with new classes and "look over my shoulder" videos  added all the time by Frank Kern personally.
  • 20 Years Of Hard Core Internet Marketing And Direct Response Knowledge ...Transferred To You On Demand

    We've taken the best of Frank's trainings (much of it unreleased and never sold) and organized it by topic you can tap into his experience and expertise any time you need help.
  •  The Ad Factory:

    Quickly launch ads for any business as you look over Frank's shoulder and watch him guide you through the process each step of the way.
  • ​Do This, Get Customers:

    You get an entire section of "copy these now" campaigns you can deploy any time you want customers ...regardless of your business. (Start here!)

    In addition to the DAILY video conferences with our team, you've also got access to your fellow members in your own private network.

    We've invested a lot in creating a special place where members can link up with each other based on business type, location, and more.

    Members can post polls, articles, questions, updates, and more you can have private DM chats as well.

    When we call this The Network, it's because you really ARE part of something great.